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Susie Ray is a pioneer of the copyist art movement and a notable figure in the art world. With over 25 years' experience  producing near original quality reproduction paintings for discerning art lovers. Susie has been commissioned by private collectors, celebrities, corporations, and museums across the world. Her exceptional eye for recreating the techniques and signature details used by notorious artists of the past is attributable not only to her natural talent, but also her training as a scientific illustrator rather than a fine artist. This skill enables her to take an almost forensic approach to her painting, resulting in what are widely regarded as some of the most convincing copyist paintings in the world.

She has been the focus of international press attention including dedicated features in The Telegraph, Financial Times, The Independent, The Times, The Evening Standard, The New York Times and even a season premiere of thr CBS '60 Minutes' documentary programme in America.

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Susie says: "It can take around two months for me to create the work of an impressionist or an old master, much longer than it would have done for the original artist. My clients know and appreciate the skill required to create copies and want to own paintings that can sit convincingly amongst a collection of originals by their favourite artists."

Susie Ray Originals adhere strictly to copyright laws which permit copying 70 years after the original artist has died, and more contemporary artists continue to come into circulation. For information or to request a private consultation, please contact Susie Ray at her studio in Padstow Cornwall.