Susie Ray Originals

Why Buy a Copy?

Serious art collectors appreciate the value of high quality copyist paintings. Many original works are now out of circulation or are of such high value that they are unattainable even for the most affluent collectors.  Copyist art serves a number of purposes for the art world and has roots dating back to the 1800s when professional and art student copyists worked and trained in the Louvre.

  • Art collectors can use high quality copyist paintings to complete a collection by an original artist, where the work is out of circulation.
  • Collectors often need to store an original work in a safe or vault in order to reduce insurance premiums or prevent theft or damage.  By replacing it with a high quality copyist painting, the work can still be enjoyed whilst the original is protected.
  • Interior designers often want to the look and feel of an original work in a design scheme but the size, shape or colour of the original will not fit within the space or be affordable. A copyist painting can be recreated to suit the scheme, without compromising on quality.
  • Copyist art keeps the work of the world’s most influential artists alive long after they have passed, opening up opportunities for a new generation of art lovers to discover and enjoy the classics.